Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family: Cheerleading Camp, Pep Rally and Football Game

I gotta tell you...small town life is awesome!  My girls attend school in our small southern town where high school football is a community event...we're talking Friday Night Lights here.

The girls get to go to the weekly pep rallies during football season because our school combines elementary, junior high and high school all on one property.  Of course our boys in the school grow up playing football and all our girls grow up cheer leading.  That's just the way it it is and it's a big deal!

(The girls after camp posing with our mascot statue.)

Every year our varsity high school cheerleaders have a cheer leading day camp for our elementary girls.  They get a t-shirt, a picture with the cheerleaders and for three and half hours they get to learn cheers and a dance routine.  After camp, they get to perform during the pep rally and during the first quarter of the football game.  This is little girl cheer leading heaven!  

Go Cougars!

Cheering at the Pep Rally

Cheering at the Game

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