Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family: School and County Science Fair

Last week, my girls competed in their school science fair.  Abby grew mold on bread.  Zoey created an eco-system in a bottle and Hailey grew bean plants using different liquids.  All three girls placed.  Abby took 3rd place, Zoey took 4th place and Hailey 5th.  Because they placed, all three moved on to the county science fair the following week.  The county science fair included all three schools in our county.  Abby and Zoey both placed in their grade level.  Abby placed 9th and Zoey placed 7th.  Although Hailey did not place, I am happy that she was able to complete her board.  She was extremely ill and had a high fever during the time we worked on the boards.  And although she didn't feel good she managed to persevere and complete her board.  She is disappointed that she didn't place, but happy for her sisters. 

Because Abby and Zoey placed in the top ten of their grade level, they get to go on a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science in Houston next month.  They are so excited but nervous to go without their big sister.  I think they will be fine once they are on the bus and on their way.

Way to go girls!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of all three of you!

Abby with her science project board

Zoey's science project board

Hailey's science project board

Abby and Zoey with the other winners in their grade level

Our big winners!

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