Friday, November 5, 2010

Family: Abby and Zoey's 7th Birthday @ School

In an effort to catch up now that the memory card has been found, here are some pictures from the little party the girls had in their classroom.  This is the first year that the girls have been in the same classroom.  In the past they have been separated.  There are definitely pros and cons for them being together.  Abby relies on Zoey more during class and they tend to socialize more with each other instead of having their own set of friends.  The pro is that our homework is exactly the same.  Last year it was a nightmare when it came to homework!  They would be a few days apart or we (me) would mix up the paperwork.  But I

Abby and Zoey wanted to do cupcakes this year for their classmates.  It was nice that I wasn't torn between two classrooms trying to do both!  There are only 13 kids in their class...perfect size!  The cupcakes were Hello Kitty themed and were gobbled up fast. 

If you will notice in the picture, Abby has paw print tattoos on her cheek.  Because we live in a small town, our school is elementary, junior high and high school on one campus.  On Fridays, the entire school attends the football pep rally.  Friday is also spirit day.  This Friday was themed beach day.  They can also purchase tattoos and ribbons to show their support.  Go Cougars!  In my opinion, this is one of the bonuses of being in a small town.   We have lots of school pride!


Zoey and Abby with their teacher, Mrs. Robinson.

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