Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frugal Shopping: My trip to Target and Walmart

I love finding awesome deals and saving money.  The past two days we were in town (because we are in the country in the middle of nowhere now) and I got some awesome deals.  I had 12 $4 off coupons for Nivea body wash.  They were $3.99 at Target and Walmart.  I now have 12 bottles of Nivea body wash for FREE!  I also had two $3 off coupons for Nivea men's body wash.  They were $3.99 at Target.  I picked up two bottles for $.99 each. 

I was also able to stock up on razors.  I had four $3 coupons for Bic Solei razors.  Walmart had them for $3.99 so I was able to pick up four packs of razors for less than four dollars.

I found an awesome deal on Welch's grape juice.  They were marked down to $2.12.  I found some bottles that had $1 coupon and I had two.  I got 6 bottles at $1.12 each.  Sweet!!!

I am so excited that I was able to stock up on these items.  Anybody need some body wash?

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