Friday, October 22, 2010

Family: Fall Frolic - October 2010

Earlier this month, we went to the Fall Frolic in Jewett.  Hailey and Daddy rode in the parade on the third grade float.  Abby and Zoey watched the parade from the sidelines, but they got to collect two big grocery bags full of candy that the were thrown from the float.  Although the parade was little, because after all we are in Small Town USA, we still had our high school cheerleaders and band, the fire department, the lawn mower brigade and much more.  The event coincided with the monthly flea market.   Along with the parade, there was a chili cook off, live music and activities for the kids.  The girls had their faces painted and we visited the flea market. 

Next year, I will bring breakfast and hot chocolate to enjoy as we wait and watch the parade.

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