Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Idea: Summer To Do List

I LOVE this idea!  This is a great solution to the "Mom...I'm bored..." that we hear a thousand million times during the summer when kids are out of school.  I found this awesome idea on one of my favorite blogs, A Girl and a Glue Gun. 

The idea is to preplan activities for the summer and create a card for each one.  A master envelope (shown above) is created and each night an activity card will be placed inside.  The envelope is then hidden for the kids find the next day...which adds to the excitement. 

Here are some examples of activity cards....

Awesome....right?  I am so on this for our upcoming summer break...which is in about two months!  I can honestly say that mine will not be as elaborate and wonderful as Kimbo's, but I am excited get started.

Check out her blog for more ideas and to see this wonderful project!


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  1. thanks! you are too sweet! we have streched this out and have used it all year! it's been great for those "i have nothing to do" moments!